Beauty goes beyond words, external looks and products, Beauty is a lifestyle. An outward expression of what’s going on within.

With the variety of products in the open market, its almost difficult to say what’s safe and whats not. How awesome it’ll be to be able to determine what gets in contact with your body and what doesn’t. There’s nothing safer than what created. . . Don’t you think?

How do you create these products? Skincare courses aren’t they ridiculously expensive with long hours of chemistry and Biology? what school offers such courses within my environment? How do i learn with my workload? Who could guide me to launch my own Beauty brand??

All these questions!!! Great news is COC Beauty School is here for you!

The number 1 indigenous school that teaches individuals to formulate their very own beauty products from scratch. You learn to design your formulas, create your product range, discover a niche and much more in little time.

Our instructors have studied from the best of cosmetic institutes in Asia, UK, USA and more. With series of certifications below their belts in Cosmetic Science, Colour Cosmetics, Industrial SkinCare Formulation, Perfumery, Anti Ageing, Natural Product Formulation, Graphic Design, Business, Marketing, Brand Development and more, our programmes have been carefully planned out to tailor to the African Market and beyond.

Our range of courses are built considering 3 major factors: Functionality, Speed, Application. With a course from COC Beauty School, you get transformed form a regular personality to a beauty product formulator in no time.

coc beauty school courses

 Our training options include:

  1. REGULAR PROGRAMME: This package offers a level of flexibility, The date and schedule is tailored to suit your available time.  During the class , you get to create every single product by yourself under the supervision of the instructor. Classes are held at our Lagos facility but at your schedule. This option provides you with a one-on-one learning experience as you may be the only student scheduled to take the class at the time. The infusions, flexibility and exclusivity of this option makes it a best pick class option.
  2. ONLINE CLASS: This option allows you to enroll for our classes anywhere in the world. You register, receive a login, password, and access your registered course from the comfort of your location. Course is often completed with an online test to grade you for certification. Resources include e-books, videos, interactive tests, quizzes, Q and A segments and more.


Presently we offer á range of fully packed courses grouped into 4 Sectors:

MakeUp Product Formulation | Skincare Product Formulation | Aromatherapy & Treatments | Beauty Business

. .2 Courses Coming Soon. . *Hair Care | *Herbology. .



  • Face MakeUp Product Formulation Course: This course focuses on the production of make-up products used for the face without a focus on the features. Here we cover formulation techniques for products such as Translucent Powders, Loose Powders, Foundations, Primers, Bronzes, etc


  • Eye MakeUp Product Formulation Course: This course focuses on the production of make-up products used for the eyes.  Here we cover formulation techniques for products such as Eye Shadows, Eye Pencils, Eye Liners, Primers, Mascaras, etc


  • Lip MakeUp Product Formulation Course: This course focuses on the production of make-up products used for the lips. Here we cover formulation techniques for products such as Lip Balms, Lip Glosses, Lip Pencils, Lip Liners, Lip Scrubs, Lip Masks, Lip Treatments and the famous Pink Lip Balm to eradicate dark lips.


  • Nail Product Formulation Course: This course focuses on the production of treatments and nail polishes.Teaching you to create amazing nail polish colours, cleansers, nail growth therapy kits and more


coc beauty school nails



  • Skincare Development Technology Program: This program is the totality of  Skincare, over 7 courses packed in one discounted study program. It begins with cosmetic science modules such as Skin Science, Cosmetic Maths and Product Formulation Design, then proceeds to actual product creation techniques, covering Baby Skin Products, Bath & Body Basic, Bath & Body Whitening, Anti Ageing Specialist and Cosmetic Business. . This program is the ideal option for beginners and experts that want to learn EVERYTHING about Skincare for commercial purpose. . . Click here to read more


  • Skin Whitening Specialist Program: This program is a detailed skin whitening training consisting of product formulation, whitening techniques, consultation practice, prescription, treatment and much more. Products formulated in this course lighten dark skin, rejuvenate the skin, fix damaged skin and remove blemishes. The course covers a detailed study and application of active whitening ingredients, whitening formula design, percentage derivation, treatments and intense practicals. The products practiced in this course have a high whitening effect and are ideal for all skin types. This is the ideal option if you want to focus on skin whitening as a business. Click here to read more


  • Bath & Body | Basic Course: This course  is the soul of Skin Care. It’s the first contact skincare course every beginner should have. It teaches you to create the wide range of skincare products from the scratch. Teaches you to create bases and solutions needed for customization. It shows you into the world of product design intensively. . . giving you the luxury of influencing every single detail of the product. Click here to read more



  • Pink Lips’ Treatment Course:  This course covers lip anatomy, lip care and lip maintenance. It focuses on developing cosmetic lip treatments that erase dark lips caused by harsh weather, smoking, health defects and more. This course trains you on how to erase dark lips naturally and replace lip colour with a natural pink/peach colour pigment. . . Click here to read more


coc beauty school



  • Scented Candles
  • Perfumery
  • Facials
  • Acne & Scar Treatment Short Course




  • Building a Successful Beauty Brand/Company
  • Teachers’  Training  Course


coc beauty school






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