Crash Course | Skin Whitening Specialist Programme | Feb 2019

Do you live outside Lagos but want to enrol for our Skin Whitening Specialist programme?

Would you rather come to Lagos for a physical class than take the online class?

Are you thinking of how to reduce hotel bills by staying for a shorter period of time?

If yes, then we’ve got great news for you.

COC Beauty School will be holding a 2 weeks crash course for the best selling Skincare Development Technology Programme from 18th February 2019 to 1st March 2019


The Skin Whitening Specialist Course is an intense and well grounded specialist programme that teaches you all that is required to become a skin whitening expert.

The programme explores various studies, consultation, prescription and actual product formulation tailored to change any skintone to a brighter and more radiant look. Equipping each student with all the necessary details required.

We teach each student to formulate skin whitening recipes, design products and manufacture them professionally. Our production practice covers a range of products following a suggested beauty regimen which is Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize.

Knowing the effect wrong skin brightening products from inexperienced product formulators have on many victims,  we have included a treatment section to the curriculum. This is to help our trainees restore chemically damaged skin to an excellent condition and restart the whitening process accurately.

Our treatment training helps improve green veins, stretchmarks, chemical induced acne, skin discolouration and more skin concerns associated with wrong whitening formulas.

Participants of this course graduate as Skin Whitening Specialist, beauty therapists and product formulators, able to treat damaged skin naturally and whiten skin safely, efficiently and beautifully



At the end of training you should become:

  1. A Certified Skin Care Beauty Consultant
  2. A Beauty Spa Consultant
  3. A Bath & Body Cosmetic Producer
  4. A potential or refreshed Skincare Brand owner
  5. A Beauty Entrepreneur
  6. A Potential role model

  • END DATE:  1ST MARCH 2019
  • TIME: 1pm – 5pm daily
  • LOCATION: COC BEAUTY SCHOOL | 18 Baale Street, Igbo Efon, off Lekki Expressway, Lagos
  • REQUIREMENT: No prior knowledge required, suitable for beginners
  • AWARD: Skin Whitening Specialist Certificate
  • PRICE: N200,000 [Two Hundred Thousand Naira Only]

  •  Syllabus: Modules of the Programme include:
    1. Skin Science
    2. Lip Science
    3. Cosmetic Science
    4. Skin Whitening Science
    5. Whitening Ingredient Study
    6. Product Formulation Technology
    7. Product Preservation Technology
    8. PH Study & Balancing
    9. Building Products
    10. Product Creation Practice
    11. Consultation Practice & Prescription
    12. Launch Out Project

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July Batch | Skincare Development Technology Programme

Bath and Body Secrets, Anti Aging Principles, Skin Whitening Therapy, Skin Colour Maintenance. . .Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Glow. . .

Discover, the robust range of skincare secrets and in-depth knowledge packed up in our best selling intense study program, The Skincare Development Technology Programme. 


The Skincare Development Technology Programme is a well rounded intense study programme with a curriculum guaranteed to transform you into a World Class Skincare Professional.

At the end of this programme, you will know EVERYTHING about Skincare, Skin Consultation , Product Formulation and Launching a Skincare Business.

Learn to create cosmetic products, learn to design product formulas, learn the science behind skin treatment, learn to build a beauty company, learn so much in fun, easy to understand study modules. .



  • Name of Study Programme: Skincare Development Technology
  • Duration: 60 HOURS | 4-5 hours daily
  • Start Date: 3rd July 2018
  • End Date: 9th August 2018
  • Price: N350,000 [Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only]

-Payment Plan Available-


  • Location: COC BEAUTY SCHOOL | 18 Baale Street, Igbo Efon, off Lekki Expressway, Lagos.
  • Time: 1pm – 5pm daily


  • Requirement: no prior requirements. . . Suitable for Beginners with no skincare knowledge & A career boost for experts that want to brush up
  • Award: Certificate of Completion – SKINCARE DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGY
  • Class Size: 5 – 10 Students






  • Syllabus: Modules of the Programme include:
    1. Skin Science
    2. Holistic Skincare
    3. Consultation Practice
    4. Cosmetic Science
    5. Ingredient Study
    6. Preservation Techniques
    7. Product Formulation Technology
    8. Lab Design & GMP
    9. Building Products
    10. Product Creation Practice
    11. Baby Skin Focus / Study / Practice
    12. Ebony Skin Focus / Study / Practice
    13. Anti Aging Focus / Study / Practice
    14. Skin Whitening Focus / Study / Practice
    15. Facials, Spa Treatments & Masques
    16. Business of Cosmetics
    17. Launch Out Project












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